Terms and conditions must be fully read and accepted before purchasing our Tours and Services.

  1. EXPO PHOTO TOUR (EPT thereafter) is the organization that provides the services listed in this website. All references to the EPT organization are noted to the page Contact Us. We organize tourist Photo Tours where participants will be accompanied by one of our expert photographers named Teacher, as shown on the page How It Works. EPT reserves the right to substitute the indicated Teacher with other Teacher if necessary.
  2. Stated Photo Tour prices are per person, except wherever otherwise specified.
  3. The EPT prices include exclusively the services directly provided by EPT organization. Public and private transportations (train, boat, underground, bus, taxi, car, funiculars, etc.), meals, refreshments, entrance tickets, etc, are NOT included , and must be paid by participants wherever occurs.
  4. Children aged 0-12 can attend for free our Photo Tour, but they must be accompanied by an adult or a family member attending the Tour as participant.
  5. Youngs aged 12-18 must pay the Tour as adults, but they must be accompanied by an adult or a family member attending the Tour as participant.
  6. Adults or family members are responsible for their children during the Photo Tour, relieving EPT from any liability in any case or circumstance.
  7. Participants cannot bring non-booked companions, even without a camera.
  8. Photo Tour participants must bring and take care of their own camera and equipment. EPT is not responsible under any circumstances in the event of damage, breakage, loss, theft, robbery or similar of their personal properties and camera equipment, or accidents, injury, illnesses, sunburns, sunstroke or similar or anything else can happen to the participants during the Photo Tour or during transfers.
  9. Each participant must keep his camera equipment and his properties with the utmost care. As in any city in have to be careful to avoid pickpockets on the streets or on public transport.
  10. EPT is not responsible under any circumstances in the event of accident, malfunction, interruption or delay of public transportation.
  11. During Tours, the Teacher will take individual and group photos of participants. EPT may publish these photos on the websites and/or social media or sell them to participants who wants them as a souvenir. If you do not want to be included in the pictures please notify the Teacher in advance.
  12. Some locations may not allow photography indoors, and participants may not be permitted to use flash or tripod.
  13. All Photo Tours and Services must be paid to EPT through Paypal at the moment of booking. EPT reserves the right to refuse and cancel any booking by making a full refund,
  14. For cancellations up to one week before the Tour date EPT refunds the 80% of amount.
  15. Changing date are allowed up to one week before the Photo Tour with a fee of 10%  of the total amount plus the difference of the new Photo Tour cost if any.
  16. In case participants won’t show up at the starting point, the cost of the Tour won’t be refunded. For particular requests, please contact us in advance and we will try to find an agreement where possible.
  17. EPT Photo Tours will take place even if  bad weather conditions: in such cases, participants must provide umbrellas and/or plastic camera rain covers to protect themselves and their camera equipment. If for any reason (like extremely bad weather, illness of the teacher, unavailability of public transport, or others) EPT is unable to run the Photo Tour, EPT will refund participants through Paypal
  18. We recommend to participants to provide a proper clothig: comfortable shoes, protection for hot or cold days, depending on the season. Especially during the Lake Photo Tours, the weather can change quickly and without notice. We recommend sun hat, sunglasses and sun lotion in the summer, as well as a jacket for the wind, cold or rain. In case of rain, umbrella or other plastic protector for the camera. Please fully charge your camera battery before any Photo Tour, and make sure you have enough free space on the Memory Card.
  19. If participants have special needs or questions, then please contact EPT before making any payment.
  20. These terms are understood to apply under Italian Law. Competent court is the Tribunale di Milano.
  21. Payment of fees constitutes fully acceptance of the above EPT Terms and Conditions, without any exception. In case of reservation for groups, the reference person for the payment will be in charge to inform the Group about the above Terms and Conditions and make sure they are accepted by everybody.

For any inquiries please contact us by email at  info@expophototour.com
or Cellphone +393355326154