Stefano Ruzzante

Stefano Ruzzante was born in Milano in 1967.


At 4 years old he watch  Raimondo Giovanetti painting in his studio, an ancient loft in the grandparents old farmhouse. world watching and architectural studies brought him to start having a strong passion for Photography, passion he will develop in 90s thanks to an old analogic Minolta, focusing on B/N, achitecture and Urban landscape.

From 2007 on, using a new digital Reflex, he started a new researching period, focusing on Portraits and impressionist potential of light and color. then borned the “Corpore et Anima” project,  showing a total expressive empaty with the photo subject.

In 2014 He started tyhe project  “Nuove Vedute di Milano”, that in 2015 became a photo book and a personal exibithion.

Angelo Cucchetto