Milan Street Photography Workshop

Water and summer nightlife in Milan is typical in the Navigli district, and in this workshop you will be accompained by Teacher Giuseppe Pons

The Group Workshop starts every Friday afternoon from Porta Genova Station h. 18.30 (06.30 PM) (Piazzale Stazione Genova).

The Teacher will bring the group around Navigli district, focusing and photographing the most interesting and particular corners and people of the Navigli during the late afternoon, and the “blue hour” and by night.

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The Milan Street Photography Workshop starts at Stazione Genova of Milan (Railways Genova Station).
Underground Stop = Fermata Metropolitana = Green Line M2 = Porta Genova FS


Afternoon ArtThis late afternoon/nightlight street photo workshop will lead our enthusiast street photographers to concentrate on the sunset moments on the Naviglio Grande looking for artists, galleries and alternative people walking by the water. Navigli/Darsena district just renewed for EXPO2015. Then of course we could drink a fantastic Negroni Cocktail together, but only at the end of the workshop!

664-Pigato Sandwich Bar

If Milan has become the most important city concerning economy in Italy and one of the most rich in Europe it’s because of Renaissance the Genius of Leonardo da Vinci who connected the center of the the city with the two most important rivers around it (Adda and Ticino) with the artificial channel system of the Navigli.

Through the new river system Milan was linked with the North of Europe (Naviglio Martesana / Adda River / Como Lake / Alps / Switzerland), with the East (Naviglio Martesana / Adda and Brembo Rivers / Bergamo and Venice) , with the West (Naviglio Grande / Ticino River / Maggiore Lake / Piedmont / Alps / France) and with the South of the World (Naviglio Pavese / Ticino River / Pavia / Po River / Mediterranean Sea).


When this system the high quality marble from Candoglia (on the Maggiore Lake) arrived in the center of the Milan, he used it for building his fantastic old gothic style cathedral named “il Duomo”. All these connections improved the exchanging of ideas, peoples interaction, trade and richness. Now Milan is a Metropolitan City with 3.200.000 inhabitants including the hinterland.

The Navigli channel system is not used to resolve economical issues, but it has become the center for an alternative Milan. Water always means life and this creates an attraction towards the Navigli.


For that reason Navigli district became the alternative Artists district where you could find Arts and Photographic galleries, and it is now the centercenter of the summer Milan nightlife where you could taste in one of hundreds bars and clubs the most famous Milan’s cocktail: “il Negroni” (1/3 Campari, 1/3 Vermouth, 1/3 Gin) and meet really interesting people.