Giuseppe Pons

Foreign languages: Italian:mother tongue / English: fluent / French: good


Why shooting?
It relaxes me, it makes me feel good and gives me great energy.
Taking pictures makes me happy, it allows me to observe the world around me in a different dimension and to propose my personal view without barriers or compromises.

Photography makes me free.

One of the most beautiful things is to get in touch with each other, meet his gaze and shoot. In that moment it is born a relationship as intense as short and it happens especially on the street.
I love Street photography and its aesthetic. I was really proud when the Italian Street Photography Project ( accepted me as a member.

Street Photography push me to the limit, because when you stay on the street with the camera the goal is when you transform the normal in extraordinary.
It is not easy; it’s very hard to do and when it happens you feel really satisfied.

Street photography could be also without people? For me yes and I’m really attracted by non-places, their absence and their endless repetition.
That’s why I made and exposed my jobs about Subways, Airports and Supermarkets of retail (supermarket chains).

You could find my personal jobs on

I’m a wedding photographer of WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association . The approach that I have of the wedding event is that of a narrator of an original story. I shot the wedding focusing and looking for a street photography aesthetic. You could find my wedding style on

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