Expo Photo Tour organizes a series of events, in both urban and regional environment, aimed to discover and learn how to shoot properly the historical, artistic, monumental and nature beauties of the Region.

Holiday is always the best time to take photos…returning at home and sharing them with your family or friends on facebook is the best way to fix a good time in your memory.
No matter if you use a Reflex camera, a Compact camera (Point & Shoot), a Tablet or a Smarthphone!
But sometimes photos are not on the best quality (technical errors or bad shots), or not very interesting in terms of subject just because  you don’t know the city, the Region, or the interesting monuments or landscape near to you.
During our Photo Tours you will be always accompanied by our Teachers: experienced photographerswill take you to the most beautiful places and will always be at your side to help you setting your camera and realizing the best shots!
All  of our Teachers speak Italian and English. Different languages are available on request.(French, German, Spanish).
You can bring your children (0 to 12 years) free of charge: we want to promote family tourism!
Expo Photo Tour offers different  Group or Individual Tours where the presence of the Teachers is a must!  In addition to this you can buy the pictures that Teachers will take during the Tours (photos of you or you family, landscape photos…):  Teacher photos will be available online the day after the tour and will be sent to you after the purchase through Dropbox, password protected.
Look at our offers, and discover our interesting services at reasonable prices!
We will first ask you to register filling a form with your name, email, phone number, the camera you have (Reflex camera, Compact camera, Tablet or Smarthphone), and your language.
This information allow us to offer you the best service and the best possible welcome!

You can choose between the following services::

  • Milan Photo Tours and Workshops
  • Lombardy Regional Photo Tours
  • Single Date special events
  • Your Photo Book around the city
  • Personalized Photo Tours

Select the service you’re interested in and check the availability on calendar.
For any inquiries please contact us by email at info@expophototour.com or call us at +393355326154

You can buy our services online, proceeding with the payment through Paypal or by Credit Card.

Tours and Workshops are Individual or for Groups  (adult fare, children under 12 for free) ,  duration is of about 4hours. You can add additional services like an Interpreter or the Download of the Teachers Photos.
Your Photo Book around the city: the price of this tour is based on the number of hours spent shooting (2, 3 or 4 hours) and not on the number of people involved. Our Professional Photographer will be at your service to realize a professional Photo Book for you or your family. He can also suggest the most interesting locations in order to realize the best Milan Personalized Photo Book! Photos will be available online the day after the tour and sent  through Dropbox, password protected.
Personalized Photo Tour: you can choose between tours of one day or two/three days tours.
During the one day our Teacher will guide you visiting some of the Lombardy fabulous scenerarios: the lakes, the medieval and renaissance towns like Brescia, Mantua, Sirmione on Garda Lake, the medieval castles of the province of Bergamo, or the ancient fortresses on the Como Lake.
During the two/three days tours you will have the possibility to visit some of the cities in the Northen/Center of Italy such as Venice, Verona, Turin, Florence, Pisa, Bologna, San Marino or anywhere within 300 km from Milan.
The Teachers will be at your disposition, suggesting interesting itineraries and teaching you about photography. All shots taken by our photographer during upon your request will be available for you free of charge.

Interpreter: if you do not speak English or Italian and you want an interpreter you can buy this service. The service must be booked in advance. The interpreter will accompany you during the entire tour.
Download of the Teachers Photos: Teacher photos will be available online the day after the tour and will be sent to you after the purchase through Dropbox , passwork protected.

For information, Cancellation, Change of Tour or date please read our Terms and conditions or send us an email to info@expophototour.com.

Enjoy your vacations and take good pictures with Expo Photo Tour!