Bergamo Photo Tour

The Bergamo photo tour takes place every week on Thursday, with Teacher Guido Padoa

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Panorama Bergamo Alta con le Le Mura 2

The tour starts from the Bergamo railway station (which is easily accessible from Milan, with a train every hour) and requires a whole day to complete.

The Lower Town will be visited in the morning, and the Upper Town in the afternoon by escalating the hill with use of the local exciting Funiculars.

You will be accompanied by the Teacher to discover this unique city, and you will take home unforgettable and unique memory and photographs!

Travel information:
Departure by train from Milan Central Station (Underground Metro M2 and M3, stop Centrale FS)
Regional Train number 2607
Departure from Milano Centrale: h. 08.10 AM
Arrival in Bergamo: h. 08.58 AM
Ticket price Milano-Bergamo-Milano = 5,50 x 2 = 11 Euro
Remember to stamp your ticket before boarding the train.

Tour Starting Point: near the fountain outside the railway station of Bergamo (Marconi Square)


Bergamo is a beautiful and ancient city, of about 120,000 inhabitants, located in between the plains and the mountains. In fact it is divided into two parts: the oldest city on the hill (Upper Town), and the modern city which stretches along the plain (Lower Town): as an element of separation there are the beautiful Venetian walls of the sixteenth century.

Rich in history, art, monuments, and magnificent views, it is a unique city, and it is certainly worth visiting with us!

Bergamo_-_23_-_Propilei_di_Porta_Nuova_2 Bergamo - Città Alta 6 - Piazza Vecchia

Bergamo_Funicolare_1 Bergamo_Funicolare_2

In various parts of the Lower Town are still several buildings in a “fascist Style” that were built in the period 1930-1940, as well as churches, theaters, and various monuments, while the Upper Town will surprise you with its medieval buildings, narrow streets and the famous Piazza Vecchia, with its beautiful churches and the Palazzo della Ragione, where the town was administered.

Porta San Giacomo e le Mura Bergamo_Rocca

The Venetian walls offer you a beautiful view.


The Bergamo photo tour with our Teacher ends in the late afternoon

Being available a train every hour to Milan until h. 23.00 (11 PM), if you want you can stop even longer in Bergamo to admire it even by night.

Bergamo_by_night_1 Bergamo_by_night_2

Angelo Cucchetto